Viper Enclosures can provide the ultimate view of your pets in the industry.  Viper installs custom doors and looks out of direct view too allow you to view your pet without the interference of plastic frames.  ALL CLEAR!!  Viper Enclosures provides a direct view of your specimen without interference using state of the art security.  Custom Display cases for your snakes.


If you can dream it, we can build it.  Viper Enclosures has been creating custom exhibits for over 35 years.  We can design your ultimate aquarium, vivarium or custom terrarium.

In addition to aquarium and terrarium installation and maintenance, Viper Enclosures will ensure your system works as predicted. A properly engineered system ensures that you have a functional, efficient and reliable aquarium or terrarium system. Let us run the numbers. By employing some simple techniques and scientific principles, we can optimize your system without inflating the price. We’ll choose a system that will operate efficiently, efficiently, and most important, economically.